The Perfect Church

Stewardship Skit


Stewardship Skit

CHARACTERS- Betty Johnson. Joe Johnson. Pastor Johnston. Pastor Brown. Church Member- Jim. Church Member Sally. Narrator( s ).

PROPS- Four Chairs ( Short Pew- Optional ), Four Signs ( You Create ), And Bibles.


( As the scene begins, Betty and Joe Johnson are sitting on the two middle chairs ( Or the center of the short pew)

NARRATOR: Betty and joe Johnson are sitting in the sanctuary of their small, but cozy church. The sermon has just ended and Betty and Joe were anticipating their exit, but dreading their long drive home.

BETTY: I can't believe Pastor Wells preached on tithing again. This is the second time this year.

JOE: Doesn't that man have better things to preach on than money?

( Church Member ( Sally ) approaches the Johnsons, carrying her Bible. She sits down by Betty )

SALLY: Mrs Johnson, it's so nice to see you this morning. I was wondering if you would consider helping out in the nursery? It's just one day out of the month. We're all a part of the body of Christ and as such, we all must do our part to help out.

BETTY: I know, but it's kind of hard for me. I'm with my two children all week, and I just don't think I could handle a room full of children. It would drive me crazy listening to all that screaming.

SALLY: It's not so bad. Old Mrs Black serves two Sundays each month and she just loves it. If anyone should go crazy in the midst of all the racket, it would be her.

BETTY: Thank you for considering me, but I really don't think I can.

( Church Member ( Jim ) enters and approaches Joe and sits down beside him. )

JIM: Good morning, Mr Johnson. How are you this morning?

JOE: Not bad! Not bad at all!

JIM: I've been wanting to ask you about a teaching position in our Sunday School department. Would you consider this?

JOE: Oh, I don't think so. I just don't have time during the week to prepare the lessons.

JIM: The lessons are easy and self explanatory. The youth are in need of a teacher. Old man Stanley is serving as a substitute, but his health hasn't been too good. He hates to see the youth without a teacher. I hope you'll think about it and let me know as soon as possible.

JOE: OK, I'll think about it.

( Sally and Jim exit.)


NARRATOR: Tired of the pressures about money and church participation, Joe and Betty set out to find the perfect church where they could attend the services in peace. The following Sunday they attended a church that seemed to be falling apart.

BETTY: I wonder what happened to this church. There is no choir. No one playing the piano or organ. The congregation looks half dead.

JOE: The Pastor's sermon leaves much to be desired. I wonder what brought this church to this.

NARRATOR: Betty and Joe stay behind after the service to speak to the Pastor.

( Pastor Johnston enters and sits down beside Betty. Greets each one with a hand shake.)

JOE: What has happened to this church?

PASTOR JOHNSTON: This church doesn't take in much money. People frown when a sermon is on money. I'm doing the best I can with what little we bring in. This church on some Sundays only collects about a thousand dollars. That's barely enough to pay the building fund and property tax, let alone the phone and electric. I work a full time job all week to support my family. I even contribute out of my personal income to help pay some of the bills around here. I can't afford to pay a grounds keeper, which is why the grounds are a shambles. We have no Sunday School or nursery. No choir and no piano or organ players because no one wants to contribute to these positions. I hope you weren't too disappointed and I hope you'll come again.

( Pastor Stands and begins to turn away. )

JOE: How is this church surviving?

PASTOR JOHNSTON: It isn't, but what can I do?



NARRATOR: The following week, Betty and Joe attended another church which caught their eye the day before.

BETTY: Isn't this a lovely church? The choir sounds so beautiful.

JOE: Sunday School was wonderful.

BETTY: It was so nice to be able to leave the children in a fully staffed nursery.

JOE: This church really has its act together. I wonder how they do it! Our old church could really use a few good pointers from these people. And the Preacher didn't preach on money.

NARRATOR: After the service, Betty and Joe linger behind to speak with the Pastor.

JOE: This is a wonderful church. This church seems to have its act together. If you don't mind, how do you do it?

PASTOR BROWN: It's simple. Everyone does their part. They know the importance of putting God first in all they give of their tithes, time and talents. I don't preach on tithing but twice a year and that's only to refresh them on the important roll it plays in worship. Since they give what rightfully belongs to God, it doesn't offend them. ( Standing ) Thank you for visiting our church. Please come again. ( Leaves ).


NARRATOR: Betty and Joe were happy with the last church they attended, but something seemed to be missing.

BETTY: I liked that church we attended last week, But there was so many members. I just don't see how we can get the spiritual attention we so often need. At least at our old church, everyone knows us and makes us feel like we belong

NARRATOR: Betty and Joe return to their old church.

JOE: I think what was missing in this church was we weren't doing our part. It's so good to be back in our own church.

( Enter Jim and Sally. They hug Betty and Joe then sits down beside them.)

SALLY: I'm so happy to see you this morning. We have really missed you.

BETTY: I've missed all of you too. You know I've been thinking about what you asked me a few weeks ago about helping in the nursery. I want to accept the offer. I would also like to join the choir. I want to help our church grow.

SALLY: Wow, that's wonderful! You know our choir could always use more voices singing praises to our Lord.

JOE: And I want to take that teaching position, if it's still open.

JIM: Of course it's still open. You'll make a great teacher.

JOE: If you could use a helping hand around the church grounds, I'd like to volunteer to come here on my days off and help with any repairs.

JIM: That's wonderful!

BETTY: I'll be honest. Joe and I set out to find the perfect church. Now I know we have found it!

SALLY: You did?

BETTY: Yes, it's a church where everyone does their part.


By Belinda Smith

2003 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)