Saving For A Bike


Stewardship Skit

PROPS- Short pew or two chairs, ( A table- optional ). Fake money, and a calculator.

CAST- Mother- Alice, Daughter- Beth, neighbor- Stella. Narrator.

Scene Opens

Narrator- Alice and her daughter Beth had just returned home from church. Alice was sitting on the sofa ( Short pew or a chair at the table ) reflecting over the morning sermon, when her daughter Beth approached her holding cash she had earned.

( Beth enters the scene and sits down beside Alice)

BETH 'Mon, I saved up the money I need to buy the bike I want. It was hard to come home and work around the neighborhood to earn the money when I really wanted to play with my friends. But I did it.'

ALICE 'Yes you did and I'm proud of you. How much did you earn?'

BETH '$80.00'

( The child looked sad )

ALICE 'What's wrong? You don't look happy.'

BETH 'Pastor Joe said in church today that God wants 10% of all my money.'

( The child looked puzzled )

BETH 'Why does God want my money?'

Alice 'God owns everything we have and receive. God expects us to show we know He is owner by giving Him 10% of our time, money and talent. If we don't, then we are really stealing from God as it says in Malachi 3:8-10, by holding back from Him what rightfully belongs to Him.'

BETH 'I don't want to steal from God but I worked so hard for this money. I really want that bike.'

ALICE 'I know how much you want that bike. God knows how much you want that bike too. Sometimes God will test our love for Him by asking us to chose between God and the things we want very much.'

( The child looked down at the money sadly.)

ALICE 'Oh, don't look so sad. God wants us to be happy and enjoy things but we must put God first. When we put God first in our giving, God takes care of all our needs and sometimes our wants.'

( Alice smiles )

( The child looked at the money.)

ALICE 'Pray about it. Ask God to help you to do the right thing. God will bless the sacrifice you make. Who knows, God may surprise you.'

( The child pondered on what her mother had said then held out her money to her mother.)

BETH 'What is 10% of $80.00?'

( Alice picked up the calculator and did the figuring.)

ALICE 'Let's see...$80.00 times 10% equals $8.00.'

BETH 'Here.....this belongs to God.'

( The child handed the money to her mother.)

ALICE 'You did the right thing, now trust God to do His part and bless you.'

( Neighbor knocks. { on wood surface.).

ALICE 'Come in.'

( Neighbor enters the scene.)

STELLA 'Hi, I stopped by to see how Beth was coming along with raising the money for her bike.'

BETH 'I earned the money but $8.00 of it belongs to God. So I'm ganna have to save up the rest of the money.'

STELLA 'Well, I think that's wise of you to put God first. I have a surprise for you.'

BETH 'A surprise!'

STELLA 'Yes. My son Jason died last year in a car accident. He had a bike just like the one you were saving for. I wasn't sure I wanted to part with it but seeing how hard you worked to save, I believe God and Jason would want me to give it to you. It was a little worn so I fixed it up like new. It's outside. Come, I'll show it to you.'

( The neighbor turns to exit.)

BETH 'Thank you so much. I'm coming.'

( Child looks at her mother.)

BETH 'You were right, Mom. What a surprise God gave me!'

( Child and Mother Hug.)

By Belinda Smith

2003 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)

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