Part One


A tall blonde haired man with a mustache and a medium height, clean shaven, brown haired man, lugged a heavy grandfather clock through a narrow doorway. They were dressed in navy blue cotton jump suits with Moving Express logos printed on the upper back at the neck. The wheels of the dolly flattened a trail through the puffed up rust color carpet of the master bedroom. The tall blond man, who was in the leading position halted, stopping his partner in his track.
'Where do you want this, ma'am?' he asked.
Tanya interrupted her whispered discussion with her best friend Jackie Brown to cast her nonchalant stare in the direction of the moving men.
'Over there,' she nodded in the direction of the far corner of the room. 'Against that wall, next to the fireplace,' she replied, then returned her attention to Jackie.
The mover nodded his OK and with a weary shrug, he silently instructed his partner to pick up his share of the weight of the clock. With a swift heave, one pulled, while one pushed the clock to the partially extended wall beside the fireplace and lowered the heavy wood frame down in its permanent resting place.
Tanya observed the placement of her favorite piece of furniture and once the clock was set without damage inflicted, she strolled to the center of the large empty room and spun around. Her soft green eyes took in the pastel beige walls. She envisioned her high school diploma, photos of her family and friends and favorite plaques filling the empty paces.
The cozy white fireplace with gray brick interior seemed inappropriate for the warm climate living but it was a symbol of wealth and a necessity for the rich Vegas life style. All the wealthy in the bright light city have them. Never-the-less, the fireplace added beauty and a feeling of comfort to the room.
A platform which extended to the center of the room lead to bay windows that over looked a connecting terrace and the beach below. Tanya could see her bed resting against the center of the infolding windows where she could gaze out at the night and admire the neon of the window lights in the trail of office buildings that lined the curve of the beach. The sunrise and sunset would make a lovely view as well, she pondered.
A Japanese designed fan and light fixture hung from the center of the ceiling.
Cool! Tanya thought.
A yellow gold chain dangled off the side of the fan. Its shinny texture sparkled in the mid-day sun light.
Tanya's eyes gleamed with delight at the appeal of the master bedroom and the delightful view beyond the terrace wall.
'I love this room,' she gloated.
Jackie smiled,'I'd say it's definitely you.'
Tanya landed the possession of the master bedroom, when her father past away two years earlier. Since her mother owned less personal items that would be stored in one's bedroom, she decided she'd rather have a smaller room and offered the master bedroom to Tanya.
'Boy, you lucked out,' Jackie murmured. 'This room is so large, you could turn this place into a small apartment. Plus with the terrace just outside your room, except to leave the apartment, you'd never have to leave the room.'
Tanya smiled. She had contemplated the same idea. She turned towards the center of the bay windows and held her arms out. 'Here's where I'll put my bed.'
'Hey!' Jackie interrupted. 'Just think. With your bed here, you could spy on your interesting neighbors.'
Tanya snared at her playfully. Tanya was a warm natured woman. Pale and petite. Her yellow gold hair was thick and kept short. Its length brushed the top of her shoulders.
Her ivory complexion, she would dazzle with subtle colors, like pale pinks, oranges and browns. To highlight her sky blue jump-suit, she wore a shade of pink rouge, beige lip gloss and misty blue eye-shadow.
Jackie left Tanya's side to explore the platform. She stopped in-front of the bay window. 'You know, you do have some famous neighbors?'
Tanya walked up behind her and peered over her shoulder out the window. She tried to express interest as she had done in the past, no matter how far fetched Jackie's assumptions seemed. But weather she lived in the same building with famous celebrities or not made her feel a bit uneasy. Tanya felt she had left behind star struck crushes and the dream of meeting her favorite stars in the past with her childhood. But she knew Jackie had a problem leaving her childhood behind. Tanya didn't want to discourage her or destroy her self esteem, so she'd let her speak her mind and tried to show support.
'Maybe,' Tanya sighed. 'But that doesn't matter to me.'
Jackie glanced over her shoulder at Tanya then turned her intense stare out the window. 'You know I used to read about this place in those movie and fan magazines back home. I still have them, I could send them to you, if you want. Allot of actors, singers and people who are in all facets of the entertainment business chose this place for their Vegas home because of its location and beauty.' She peered down one end of the terrace then down the other. 'Hey! This is a joining terrace,' her voice rose with delight. 'Let's check it out!'


By Belinda Smith

2003 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)