Andrew Buckmann

Andrew is a special Friend of mine. He is also cousin to another special friend of mine Christopher Voss. Andrew is also a practical joker just like his cousin Chris. But that's not all! Andrew is a fellow musician like myself. I always connect with people who share my talents.


Andrew plays drums for five years and played guitar for a year and once had his own band. Andrew is presently working on putting another band together.


Andrew plays many different styles of music, some of them would be sks, punk, jazz and metal.


Some of the better bands Andrew played in were Unsolved, The Worst Is Over, and Sick Boys. He has performed in many clubs in the Orlando area. If you live in the Orlando area, you may have seen them perform. Umm his kit is a 7 piece exprt. He plays paiste and zilgain symbols.


Andrew is a special friend of mine. Not only because we share a love for music; but also because I've worked with him and found him to be caring, though at times we'd argue back and forth over foolish things. One day I was having a bad morning at Wendy's where we worked and he came up to me, before he could say anything, I said, I'm not in the mood to argue with you today Andrew, I'm gonna end up hurting and it looks like today is going to be the day, I said jokingly. Andrew smiled at what I said. When Chris came in that afternoon, Andrew told him what I had said about hurting him and it looks like today is gonna be the day, They both looked at me and laughed.


It was lots of fun working with Andrew. You had to watch your back with him. He liked to pour large cups of water on you or spray water from the sprayer attached to the sink at you as you walk by. One day Andrew tried to pour a large glass of water on me and I ducked under the glass. The water hit the floor without a drop landing on me. He laughed and said, did you just see that, she just ducked under the water and it missed her. One day Andrew chased me around the parking area with a large glass of water. He got me with it, I let him though, it was either that or we'd be running around the cars all night. No matter what happens in life, I'll always have such special memories of working with Andrew. He will always be one of my special friends. I hope he feels the same about me.

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Andrew Buckmann

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August 23,1986



More to come on this special friend. Below is a picture of Andrew and his cousin Christopher Voss together.

Andrew And Chris

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