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Prevent Suicide is one of the largest suicide prevention and awareness websites on the Internet. It is a very comprehensive site that is constantly being updated and includes numerous articles, hotlines, and many other excellent resources.


And when you get a chance please peruse Prevent Suicide and learn more about suicide prevention, awareness, and support.  It can prove to be one of the most important subjects that you ever will study because you can save lives with the information.


And because Prevent Suicide is one of the largest (if not the largest) suicide prevention and awareness websites on the Internet, virtually all pertinent information about suicide and suicide prevention can be found on the site.  And everything is free.


And please feel free to recommend anyone in need to Prevent Suicide


Also, please return to Prevent Suicide often, because the site is updated frequently.


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Kevin Caruso

Prevent Suicide

Founder, Director, Editor-in-Chief

Prevent Suicide is a non-profit suicide prevention and awareness organization and thus your link will help us help others.

I support this site and all it stands for. Join us in helping those who feel they have nothing to live for realize great value in this world. Click on the link above and show your support to the cause!

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