TONESTAC! Has made an impact on my life. Two of my songs are featured at their website. Their goal is to help artist be heard and or to sell their music. Read the following to see if they can help you.

About Us

We like to think of ToneStac as 
the place where dreams come true....
because when we do our jobs well,
talented people get noticed.

We believe the concept of “independent artist” is somewhat subjective, because in order to gain recognition to attract the attention of a label and make it big, artists must first perfect their skills, market their services to performance venues, perform live consistently without flaw and learn how to organize and operate a mini-music business.


Most Internet music companies create a free-for-all atmosphere open to any independent artist in any genre talented or not. Then they wrap advertising under, over, in front of and behind the music.  Then they make Indie artists compete for recognition with commercial music licensed from the major labels leaving Indie artists right where they started; running a mini-music business surrounded with a lot more competition while the Internet company collects the advertising revenues. Sound familiar?


Who we are…

ToneStac is a talented team of industry professionals passionate about music and dedicated to managing the business of music. We focus on the business arts allowing you to focus on the performing arts.  We respect creativity. We are committed to artist development and promotion. We believe that you should be recognized and compensated for your work. We support the free-listening experience. Most importantly we believe that dreams do come true.


What we do…

ToneStac’s philosophy is radically different. ToneStac organizes the various music disciplines into cohesive communities so industry professionals can readily access and review the database and artists can easily collaborate with one another. We establish regional genre-based talent pools using trusted industry rating protocols. We match our talent pool with revenue-generating opportunities. Simply stated, we run the music business for you so you can concentrate on writing and performing. 


When we started…

The original concept for ToneStac developed in 2001 when Vivendi acquired and forced the music community to compete for recognition with commercial music from the major labels. Two years later, in the void created by the demise of when Vivendi dismantled the assets of and sold off bits and pieces to C/Net and TruSonic, ToneStac was founded. We heard the pleas of the independent artist community and created a vertically integrated company focused on managing the business of music.   



San Diego, California, of course, the digital music capital of the world.


Why Join ToneStac                                                                           

Artists are most successful when they concentrate on performing music. Businessmen are most successful when they concentrate on conducting business. Very seldom, does either of them successfully perform both functions simultaneously. ToneStac is a team of talented industry professionals, dedicated to managing the business of music allowing artists to concentrate on performing music. We have created an array of services designed to promote your talent appraise your performance and produce revenue. J

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