On this page you will learn a little bit about my personal life. I don't
reveal the date of my birth because people like to attach events to
numbers. No one can tell me what I should be doing at my age if they
don't know my age.
I was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. I am the daughter of
Donald and Arlene Smith. I am a part of a very large close knit family.
I have four brothers, Donald, Brendon, Brian, and Alan. I have three
sister, Brenda, Charlene, and Kathy. I have too many nieces and nephews
to mention. But here we go, my nieces are, Christina, Julianna, Alona, Jennifer,
Angelina, Samantha, and Erica. Nephews, Jeffery, Micheal, J.D., Matthew,
Dennis Jr., and Andy. My great niece, Shawna Lee and my great nephews,
Jacob Matthew, and John Westley.
I was raised in the Christian faith. I am an active member of the Goldenrod
Baptist Church. I teach Sunday school, 1st through 6th grade. I teach Bible
school in the summer, 3rd and 4th grade. I sing in the choir, along with my
brothers Brian and Brendon and my Mom, and my sister Charlene. I am the
chair person of the stewardship section of the budget committee.
I am a strong Christian who leaves my life and career in the Lord's hands. He
is in control of all the events that take place in my career. I wait on Him to open
the doors and then I walk through. I have learned that it doesn't pay to try and
kick any doors open on my own.
All that I have accomplished on this site was God working in my life and not any-
thing I could have made happen on my own. I think the Lord has done a great job
with my career so far, don't you, so I see no reason to try and make things happen
on my own. God has already made it clear to me in many ways that He has only
just begun,
In my spare time, what there is of it, I enjoy watching movies, collecting music by
my favorite artist, Johnny Rivers, keeping in touch with friends I've met on the
internet through the websites that feature my writings.
What's going on in my career at this time? I am going through a time of preparation
for my career. Those of you who understand how the Lord works in a person's life,
or knows how the Lord had worked in the lives of those in the Bible He was
sending out to do something important for the Kingdom of Heaven, would understand.
I've taken financial management courses through my church and Crown Financial
Ministries, to learn how to handle my finances properly. I'm learning how to
handle pressure and stress.and how to work within time schedules.
I can't say when God will feel I'm ready to handle my big break, I just know that
when He does feel I'm ready, He'll bring about my big break.
I will keep you informed on my career on this site. I hope you will be a returning visitor
to this site. Thank you for your interest in my career.


If you are visiting in the central Florida area, I would like to invite you to visit my church.
Pastor Ron Potter is a caring, loving Pastor who will make your visit pleasant. The congregation is warm and friendly, so please visit us.

3500 North Goldenrod Rd. Winter Park, Fla. 32790
Phone# 407-671-7448
Goldenrod Baptist Church

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I love the Lord, because He has heard
My voice and my supplications.
Because He has inclined His ear to me,
Therefore I will call upon Him as long as I live.
Psalm 116: 1,2