Soon after I got my first computer, I got MSN Messenger. I was looking through the member directory for members who had things in common with me. I spotted Andrey's name and profile, along with a few others who shared my interests. I sent an introductory e-mail to them and two people replied. Andrey and another member.

Andrey sent me her own introductory e-mail and said she would like to be friends. We sent each other a lot of e-mails, e-cards, and chatted on MSN Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger. I saved many of the conversations we shared.

Andrey lives in California but is presently attending college in another state. She is a poet and a good one. She wants to keep that talent to herself for now. However, she wrote me two poems. One is posted in her MSN Messenger profile and the other one is featured on this page. I'm trying to incourage her to post her poetry on poetry websites. I believe others will be blessed by her talent.

I treasure her friendship. Now we have set aside a time when we can chat in my live chat room. We're planning for Friday night at 7PM.


Below is the poem Andrey wrote for me. I hope you like it as much as I do.




The sun set and it was dark

Retrieving faces and weary smiles left

So I became alone.


It was dark, so I lit a candle

Its light lived too small for the room

Its strength proved sullen to wired rings

Yet it lit.


One day the sun rose

And the candles light faded to pass

Though it no longer lived for purpose

I did not blow it out.


Now every time the sun can set

My candle lets no smoke

And one day when wires crash and sink to past

Future knows ill last.


Seen its strength from night within

It lights, it burns, too calm for sin.

By Andrey Heavens ( copyrighted. All rights reserved. )

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Below Is My Poem To Andrey!

Simply Andrey

When I think of you,
I think of a rose,
Kissed by the morning dew.

A bird souring across a sunrise,
The wind gently brushing its wings,
as it embraces the endless skies.

Dreaming by a lazy beach,
Learning from nature,
What words could not teach.

The rush of a cool stream,
Splashing down a mountain side,
While I sit, and watch and dream.

The pure touch of a snow scene,
How it's tender white drops,
Once again makes the world clean.

The rhythm of the falling rain,
Tap, tap, taping my window pane,
When troubles like storm clouds darken my day,
What do I think of, why, simply Andrey.

Dedicated to my special friend Andery Heavens.

By Belinda Smith

2003 Belinda Smith (All rights reserved)


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