Friends come, friends go, a painful fact I know,
Still I hope to find that special one, who will never go.
I've only known you for a short while, though it seems like years,
A friendship should not be built on a future filled with fears.

But the fear is there that you too will one day go,
And how hard it will be for me to let go, you'll never know.
They haven't made the words to say how much you mean to me,
I've been blessed by knowing you, a blessing my mind can't conceive.

But I want you to know, when the time comes when we must part,
All the things you have meant to me, I will treasure in my heart.
I've learned so much from you. More than you'll ever know,
So you can understand why I say, it'll be hard to let you go.

When that time comes, I know, somehow I'll make it through,
Till then, I'll save the minutes and treasure the hours with you.
Don't feel bad , I'm no fool. I know there will come a time,
When goodbyes must be said. When ways must part. Still it's a crime.

With tears in my eyes, a cry in my voice and pain in my heart,
Let me hold on to the joy of knowing you, until we must part.
Let me leave it at this, as I reflect, on a future loss,
No Matter what the future holds. For me, there will never be,
Another Christopher Voss.
( copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. )
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Written for and dedicated to a special friend who means the world to
me, Christopher Voss, I'll never forget you.

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Like an angel, he graces the stage,
His voice showers over the crowd.
History turns another page,
Johnny angel, take another bow.

Like an ocean, drowning all your fears,
Leaving laughter, where once lingered fears.
His tender voice and caring smile,
Expresses, let love live for a while.

Years come, years go, his magic remains,
His impact on music, tightens fame's chains.
Another Johnny Rivers, there will never be,
He has certainly made an impact on me.

It's like he's an angel, sent from heaven above,
To shower this world with peace and love.
It's tragic, it's a crying shame,
Johnny Rivers is not in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
( copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. )

Johnny Rivers is my favorite singer, songwriter and musician.
My wish is for others to come to know and enjoy his music as I do.
There will never be another Johnny Rivers Read my tribute to Johnny
Rivers Click Here


The angels in heaven all gathered around,
Everyone cried when God sent you down.
For you were the light that made heaven glisten,
And when you laughed, everyone listened.
You were the prize only God could make,
And God sent you down for only us to take.
With you here, the world's so much brighter,
And the heavy hearts we once had, now feels so much lighter.
You were made special, and though you don't know,
In the winter, you're the pure white that comes with the snow.
In the spring, you're the leaves so green upon the trees,
In the fall, you bring to us the different color leaves.
What you bring in the summer, there is no need to say,
For all the sunshine there could be, you bring to us each day.
So what can I say to tell what you're worth,
For with you here, my little angel, there's a little heaven on earth.
( copyright. All Rights Reserved. )

Written for and dedicated to my niece Angelina Velez.


Hey little Teddy bear, my how you've grown, in just a very short while,
I can't believe you were given to me, just to make me smile.
You make my sun much brighter too,
With everything you say and do.
You're much too pretty to sit on a shelf and spend your time alone,
Come along with me and I'll share with you, everything I own.
When God made you, He made a prize,
Of golden blonde hair and pretty blue eyes.
For you don't need pretty clothes or little shinny shoes,
You're an angel in anything, even if it's used.
So smile my little Teddy bear, for someday you will see,
All the love I have for you hidden deep in me.
So my little Teddy bear, don't shed a tear, for if you only knew,
Each passing day you're far away, God knows I'm missing you.
( copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. )

Written for and dedicated to my niece Jennifer Leigh Smith.


When I think of you,
I think of a rose,
Kissed by the morning dew.

A bird soaring across a sunrise,
the wind gently brushing its wings,
As it embraces the endless skies.

Dreaming by a lazy beach,
Learning from nature,
What words could not teach.

The rush of a cool stream,
Splashing down a mountain side,
While I sit, and watch and dream.

The pure touch of a snow scene,
How it's tender white drops,
Once again, makes the world clean.

The rhythm of the falling rain,
Tap, tap, tapping my windowpane,
When troubles like storm clouds darken my day,
What do I think of, why, Simply Andrey.
( copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. )

Written for and dedicated to my special friend Andrey Heavens


The Tiffini Touch

Tiffini, the name spills out, elegance and grace,
It's in the sparkle of your eyes,
And the beauty of your face.
Your shining smile and gentle personality,
Brings warmth into the lives of everyone you meet.
Heaven must have lost an angel,
They are missing so much,
In turn, my life has been blessed with the Tiffini touch.

Dedicated and written for a special friend who is like a sister to me. Tiffini.

By Belinda Smith



The house I live in is made of glass,
That can shatter so easily,
The glass is tinted, the colors change,
To match the mood in me.
Red when I am angry, blue when I am sad,
Green when I envy and yellow when I am glad.
I can see out, but no one can see in,
As it should be,
Within are hiding places to run to when,
Solitude is what I need.
One stone against a wall and the glass will shatter instantly,
The glass house I'm speaking of,
Is the part of me you see.
( copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. "

I love the movie THE GLASS HOUSE, and wanted to write
something with the title.






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I will praise the Lord with my whole heart,
In the assembly of the upright and in the congregation.
The works of the Lord are great,
Studied by all who have pleasure in them.
His work is honorable and glorious,
And His righteousness endures forever.
He has made His wonderful works to be remembered;
The Lord is gracious
and full of compassion.
Psalm 111: 1 - 4