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On this page I will keep you informed on the novels I'm working on and if I'll post them on the internet.All the stories I'll list here are protected by copyright. All Rights Reserved.
The following list are novels I've completed but need polishing before submitting for


1- Diamonds In The Rain
2- Midnight Lace
3- Torn Between Two Lovers
4- I Only Wanted You

The Following Are A List Of Stories In The works-


The terrace is a suspence, thriller, romance. Tanya Osborn and her family moved into a condo apartment left to them from her uncle who past away suddenly. The terrace of her apartment is believed to be haunted. Tanya refuses to believe it is haunted and sets out to unfold its mystery and the ghost believed to be roaming the terrace every stormy night.

If you are interested in reading THE TERRACE, the story is posted at Type my name in the poet search box to find my poems and stories.

Read Part One! Click Here


Victorian Christmas is the next novel I'll be working on and posting at the starlte cafe. It's a story about time travel, romance and making choices. It's a modern day Cinderella story with a delightful twist.

Look for it to be posted at the starlite cafe.


The Community is an action pact thriller that keeps you hanging on to every word. It's full of surprises, twists and turns. The Community is a secret place where all the celebrities are being forced to move to for hidden reasons. Even if you know what's going on, it's best to keep your findings to yourself.


The following is a portion of a letter I received from Commonwealth Publications Alberta, Canada May 23, 1995. I posted the part of the letter that refers to my book " Diamonds In The Rain " The rest of the letter refers to the agreement they were requesting I sign. I chose not to because I felt the book needed polishing before I would feel comfortable with it being published. However, they believed in my book. So much so that they Told another publishing company and a Literary Agency about the book.

May 23, 1995

Dear Ms. Smith

We propose entering into a joint venture with you to publish your book, DIAMONDS IN THE RAIN. Both the title and the concept were well thought out, therefore we are confident the book will be favorably received. This type of book continues to enjoy considerable popularity. Given proper production and marketing, your work should do very well.

D.T. Phelan, Publisher.


The following is a letter I received from John Honea Publications about my book " Diamonds In The Rain "

John Honea Publications
October 1, 1996

Dear Belinda Smith:

The Editor of a publishing company has advised me that you are the author of a well written book length manuscript. Perhaps you would be interested in entering our writing contest?

John Honea

The following is a letter written to me concerning my manuscript " The Community ". I sent three chapters to be entered into the writing contest. The following letter was sent to me as a result of the three chapters I sent of " The Community "from
John Honea Publication.

December 23, 1996

Dear Ms Smith

Your manuscript is great.

It is obvious that you have learned the craft of writing. However, we will not be able to publish it. For we are no longer publishing books in the genre in which you write. We usually do not do this, but since we strongly believe that your book deserves to be published, we are going to recommend that you submit it to an established literary agency with a proven track record.

John Honea

P.S, Since Mr. Boyce's agency specializes in fiction books, I believe he can sell THE COMMUNITY.